About our meetings.

We Start At 7am

We try to be punctual so people can get to work at a reasonable time.

First things First: Refreshments

A full English breakfast is available but we also cater for vegetarians, cereal lovers or whatever our members prefer. Tea, Coffee and orange juice are always available.

Fresh Presentations

Following on breakfast the moderator will open the meeting. Members and guests have the opportunity to give a sixty second introduction to themselves, their business and what they would like to gain from the group. Some people like to write this down, whilst others shoot from the hip.

Fresh Insight

At every meeting we provide an opportunity for a member to present to the group. This enables the group to gain a detailed and intuitive understanding of the featured business and promotes more reliable referrals. The presentation typically lasts about 5 minutes with another 5 minutes or questions and answers. The presentations can include PowerPoint, Videos. Some members have even been know to bring along colleagues.

Freshen Up

An opportunity to, stretch your legs and network informally with other members of the group. This lasts about 10 minutes but you can always carry on afterwards or schedule a 1 to 1.

Fresh Tips

A member of the group offers a snippet of advice to the group. Normally this is quite concise but can be valuable, interesting or just funny.

Fresh Referrals

This it the part of the meeting where we share referrals, testimonials and thanks to the relevant members. Refreshingly we never put pressure on members to bring referrals, we believe this should happen naturally. This group is a testimony that this philosophy does work.

Meeting Ends

At 8.45 the moderator will bring up any organisational notices and bring the meeting to a close.

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